Virtualize Business-Critical Applications

It’s quickly becoming common knowledge that virtualization is the way to go for managing server infrastructure, but how about in the context of an entire application? Let’s take a moment to look at virtualization from the application point of view.

Managing hosted applications can feel like a never-ending battle. Often times these applications are tied to specific (or even legacy) hardware platforms that require a large investment to implement and support, making them difficult and costly to scale. On the flip-side, many times they are simply a single-node instance running in Windows or Linux. Either way, dealing with both hardware and software simultaneously can create a large time sink for a system administrator. How can IT managers focus more of their resources on what matters (the application) and not on what shouldn’t matter (managing hardware)? Virtualization is how.

Through amazing progress in virtualization technology by companies like VMware or Citrix, it’s relatively painless and easy to migrate entire application instances in to the cloud – whether it be one server or several acting as a cluster. Many of our own customers have done the same, saving huge power and hardware costs in the process to free up valuable cash flow to other areas of their business.

Our VMcloud platform allows you to virtualize your entire application without costly downtime or re-install depending on the configuration, adding unprecedented flexibility, reliability, and performance. In addition, it allows you to reduce wasted computing power by allowing you to scale resources to the exact size you require and expand later as demands increase. VMcloud gives you:

    • Breakthrough performance
    • Outstanding reliability
    • Accelerated application life-cycle
    • Protection from costly downtime
    • Quick and dynamic scalability
    • Enterprise-grade computing hardware and storage